About the Instructor


An Idaho native and a long time resident of Wyoming, Garvin has spent his entire life around firearms. Taught at a tender age to use rifles and pistols for both hunting and protection on the family farm, Garvin has built up decades of experience handling fireams. At the age of 17, Garvin headed off to the Navy where he was part of the11th River Assault Squadron and then attached to the USS Rogers (DD876). Two tours in Vietnam brought him home to pursue a career in electrical work and at sea with the U.S. Merchant Marines, but still with a passion for firearms. An avid hunter and recreational shooter, Garvin enjoys time spent in the outdoors.

Currently a Sr. Merchant Marine Officer, Garvin uses his time at home teaching a new generation about weapon safety.  Skilled in the use and care of all classes of firearms, Garvin is also knowledgeable about applicable laws.

A staunch supporter of the Second Amendment, Garvin resides in Wyoming. 



Every day carry, pocket dump